SMS – Billing in Online Community Business

With various online payment methods, SMS billing does not exist long enough to compete with PayPal, CCBill and But its popularity continues to grow, with more and more users preferring online SMS transactions over traditional payment methods. What is the reason?

It’s easy to answer this question with a hint of psychology: customers want to get goods and services quickly, safely, and easily. All of this can be accomplished by pressing a few buttons on the phone. The advantages are obvious: you do not have to disclose your credit card details online, you do not have to wait too long for the transfer to be completed: you get what you want right away and you do not have to consider how much you will spend – the costs A short one Message is reasonable and only part of your monthly phone bill (which is very relaxing).

Now that we know what advantages the SMS payment system offers consumers, we want to examine the situation from the position of the provider. Suppose you have a dating site with a multi-tier membership system and free members have very limited access to the site’s features (optionally they cannot send messages to other users). As soon as a free member urgently needs to use the functionality of the website to which they have no access, it is likely that they would rather buy this defined service than subscribe to a monthly subscription (which would of course be more expensive and take more time). This makes all the more sense when you consider that to access the desired function, you simply have to do a few simple operations with your mobile device. This shouldn’t seriously affect the number of subscriptions on your website, as people who request a paid subscription generally want the all-inclusive service package. However, this could definitely be an additional source of income that can earn you tens of thousands of dollars a day in addition to the regular cash flow of registered members.

The only thing that online dating site owners may hesitate to present to their members via SMS billing is that this payment method is very popular in the United States and has not been widely accepted in the United States (most likely, lack of advertising). However, we must not forget that “pioneers” who take the risk of trying out new technologies for their company are generally adequately rewarded. In my opinion, this risk is minimal with SMS billing.

As you may have noticed, I haven’t talked about the major drawbacks of SMS billing since I don’t see them. If you have your choice in this regard, feel free to share it by leaving your comments in the post.

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